You will find statistical data on the group (such as from the US census). You will provide proper…

You will find statistical data on the group (such as from the US census). You will provide proper referencing for your data. Also include a discussion of the credibility of the numbers and why you may have concerns (given what you know about how numbers can be reported, or how people might be in different categories). First, describe the migration history of the group. When did your group begin arriving? Where there peaks and/or dips in the groups migration(s)? What might the reasons for change be? What is the total number of foreign-born of your immigrant group today? What is the percentage of all foreign born residents? What is their population size relative other groups? What are the conditions of their entry today (for example, migration as family sponsored immigrants, labor immigrants, temporary workers, refugees or asylum seekers? Irregular migrants? Investigate three socio-economic characteristics of the group. For examples, examine residential patterns, gender or age composition, educational attainment, poverty, racial diversity, family structure, citizenship status, etc. What are the reasons for these patterns? When speculating about the numbers, draw on course readings and outside sources. Your essay is worth 150 points. You will be evaluated on: Essay structure, grammar, and mechanics: 10% o Paper has a clear thesis o Clear organization o Introduction, body of paper, and conclusion state main ideas effectively o Paper is proofread for typographical and grammatical errors and other writing mechanics. No misspellings, no sentence fragments or run-ons o Paper is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, 1 margins, page number Content use of evidence and support: 30% o Paper uses specific and substantive examples to clarify and support argument o Uses proper and effective ASA citation style for both in-text and reference section o Paper has at least 5 reliable academic/scholarly sources (including Census data) ? Scholarly works, peer-reviewed articles, policy report, governmental documents, US Census data. If you have questions, please ask. Analytical quality: 60% o Analysis reflects a depth of understanding of relative principles and issues discussed in lectures, readings, and outside scholarly research o Paper displays adequate use of analysis of the topic covered o Clear, effective argumentation

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