You need to briefly explain how they can be managed effectively in the organisation using about… 1 answer below »

This assessment accounts for 100% of your overall module grade. It is an individually written assignment of about 3000-3500 words (10% -/+) excluding appendices, to be submitted to LSS Business School on the deadline shown in the student portal with the appropriate cover note according to the guidelines given in the student handbook. Your work is expected to be analytical and evaluative, consolidate on relevant theory and indicate a good level of application abilities. In order to complete this assignment you are required to select a company of your choice and identify the various stakeholders and their Interests on the company. You need to briefly explain how they can be managed effectively in the organisation using about 1000 words. Then select another company that is listed in FTSE (or equivalent in your own country), and conduct an audit of the businesses current position, you are required to identify the business planning and current strategy used in the organisation with specific reference to performance analysis and utilisation of resources (Including International considerations) for competitive advantage and assess the financial position using a series of management accounting techniques for decision making. Use about 1500 words in order to complete this. Using about 500-1000 words briefly explain the investment appraisal techniques that could be used by an organisation, and apply the techniques to conduct a investment appraisal for the following scenario 123 LTD is a clothing manufacturer operating in UK for more than 10 yrs, As a strategic decision to expand it’s operations, the company plans to set up a manufacturing unit in another country and produce designer clothing to sell in that country.

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