You are in a position to advise an Australian pharmaceutical firm that was considering doing… 1 answer below »

You are in a position to advise an Australian pharmaceutical firm that was considering doing business in one of your colleague’s home country for the first time. Your Australian office manager, a conservative, steady growth favoured manager who has made valuable contributions to the development of your firm, is in your office and he has just broken the news of rejecting your proposal that has a long-term potential but bold risk taking project that you proposed for your client. You and your colleagues after a thorough analysis of the market know it is feasible and is exactly the kind of initiative that suits this client.( What actions and what should be on the agenda for your meeting with the manager? Important ) Keep track of your group discussion and prepare a memo to your manager outlining his/her concerns and what you propose to do about the situation.
Appendix II – Marking Guides/Rubrics: – Assessment Task 2- International Management Portfolio
Student Name: Activity CRITERIA Very
Poor Poor Average Good Very
Good Excellent Comments Clear understanding of the consulting situation, thorough evaluation of the options and appropriate action/implementation steps. (4 marks) Successfully apply relevant management theory, principle and framework from this course to the consulted activity. (3 marks) Effective integration of other learning to support or defend the provided solutions.(2 mark)

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