Written Assignment Three: Analysis of Competitive Market Startegies for Ascension Medical Group


Analysis of Competitive Market Strategies for Ascension Medical System. This assignment is tied directly to the Five Forces Model presented in the readings and in class. I have chosen Ascension as a convenient template for your use. You should demonstrate your critical analytical skills applying the model to Ascension. Your work should demonstrate your ability to understand the non linear applicability of the different forces that define the competitive environment for Ascension.

Follow them please and there are the books if needed 

Texts are available to order online. Check for e-versions.

  • Elton, Jeff and Anne O’Riordan (2016). HealthCare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies
  • Engel, Jonathon (2018). Unaffordable: American Healthcare from Johnson to Trump
  • Harvard Business Review (2018). HBR’s 10 Must Reads, On Strategy for Healthcare
  • Sweeney, Joe (2011). Networking is a Contact Sport: How staying connected and serving others will help you grow your business, expand your influence – or even land your next job

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