write a marketing plan

In module 6 you will be required to write a term paper which will essentially be a marketing plan for a product or service which you or your company intends to introduce.  I want you to give some thought to what your topic might be and tell me what your product or service choice will be.  

Pick a product and write a marketing plan as a General Manager or Marketing Manager of the business.  You can choose any product or service.  The goal is to define, explain, and apply the key course concepts:  the 5Cs, STP,  the 4Ps, and branding.    Each of these concepts requires at least one well-written and well-thought out paragraph.  Pay special attention to target markets, product positioning, price, and promotion; these concepts need multiple paragraphs to explain. You also must answer how and why the strategies are chosen.

Paper is to be a minimum of 8 pages, not counting the title page or reference page.  Maximum paper is 10 pages.  Paper is to have at least 5 references beyond the text book; two references MUST be from peer-reviewed sources.  Please see the rubric for grading guidelines.

All written work MUST be submitted in one of the following formats:  .doc., docx,, PDF or .ppt. In addition all written work must be completed using proper APA format.  Please keep in mind that this is a RESEARCH paper in the form of a marketing plan.  Appropriate citations are required to support your marketing concepts and ideas.  Please focus on defining and explaining all of the key marketing concepts such as situational analysis, segmentation, targeting, positioning, pricing strategy, and promotional strategy with correct citations and appropriate reference sources.

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