What recommendations would you provide to this company to enhance its effectiveness… 1 answer below »

Put yourself into the role of an MBA organizational consultant and consider the competitive environment of the organization that you have selected for analysis.
The Company is: Tim Hortons
1. Describe the industry within which the company operates. Identify the major competitors. Describe the major trends, risks, or uncertainties facing organizations operating in this industry. Choose and discuss the most important sources of risk and uncertainty.
2. How well has the company dealt with these key sources of risk and uncertainty? What effect has competition, uncertainty, and risk had on the organization’s strategy, structure, and overall effectiveness?
3. Describe the company's major stakeholders (e.g., competitors, suppliers, customers, employees). How has your choice of company managed its inter- and intra-organizational relationships?
4. Use the theoretical materials and the competitive intelligence you have collected to frame and make sense of the company's competitive environment.
5. What recommendations would you provide to this company to enhance its effectiveness? Paper should be no less than 2,500 words and no more than 3,000 Company is Tim Hortons

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