Week 6 discussion questions: Organizational Culture Inventory

Please answer the following two questions separately.


Using the OCI instrument online, and the cultural change background information on Conglomerate, Inc. provided in Doc Sharing, we will be identifying and prioritizing cultural attributes, and also identifying areas for change. (Note: The Cultural Change Situation can be downloaded from Doc Sharing.) Review Profiles 1a (workforce results) and 1b (senior leadership team’s ideal state) closely. Identify and describe the cultural aspects that management cites as important, and contrast them with the cultural attributes that employees report as being expected. How do employees believe they are expected to act to “fit in”? What are the most significant gaps between management and staff? What observations can you make on the differences between Conglomerate Inc.’s preferred culture and “ideal” culture presented by HSI? Once we’ve identified and discussed the gaps, I’ll cue everyone to move onto the review of the suggested change initiatives, and onto observations around your own OCI results.

2. Our text provides a thorough review of various organizational design structures; let’s investigate our own organizational design preferences. Describe your current or most recent employer’s organizational design (mechanistic, organic, hybrid). Is the structure consistent with the company goals? If you had the opportunity to redesign your current organization where you are employed, would you maintain its current structure, or change it to another model? What would that model be and why?

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