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Use your own word. Thank You.
Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity Assessment 1 Task 1 Questions Fairness and equity are words that are commonly heard when discussing anti-discrimination and socially and culturally sensitive practices. Provide a definition of each term. Answer: Identify and describe three (3) key cultural and religious/spiritual protocols of Australian Indigenous people. Answer: Choose two (2) main social and cultural groups in Australia. For each, explain their cultural and religious/spiritual protocols. Answer: Identify two (2) countries that are currently the main place of origin for Australia s tourists. For each, provide an overview of their cultural and religious protocols. Answer: You will encounter people with disability on a regular basis as part of your work. Identify three (3) types of disability, and briefly describe each. as part of your answer, explain how you and your workplace can sensitively and respectfully assist each person. (Remember that not all disabilities are visible.) Answer: List the anti-discrimination legislation applicable to your state or territory, as well as any Federal legislation. Answer: The legislation you listed above protects us from discrimination on many areas of life. Based on your understanding of such legislation, provide one (1) example on how you would apply legislation in regard to: Treating your customers fairly and equitably, regardless of their social and cultural attributes Answer: Treating your colleagues fairly and equitably, regardless of their social and cultural attributes Answer: Ensuring customers and colleagues are not threatened, humiliated or intimidated. Answer: Briefly explain how each of the following can help in regard to communicating sensitively and respectfully with socially and culturally diverse groups. Your supervisor Answer: Your colleagues Answer: Government agencies Answer: Diplomatic services Answer: Disability advocacy groups Answer: Educational institutions Answer: Translating and interpreting services Answer: Local cultural organisations. Answer: Explain how each of the following strategies can help your overcome language barriers and give at least two (2) examples of each. Gestures Answer: Sign/visual aids Answer: Using simple words in English Answer: Using simple words in other person s language Answer: 10. Explain what you need to consider when using gestures to communicate with people from culturally diverse groups. Answer: 11. Explain how, in a situation where there are language barriers, you can effective provide: Simple instructions Answer: Simple directions. Answer:

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