Upon successful completion of your MBA degree , you have applied for a job position in the strategic 1 answer below »

Upon successful completion of your MBA degree , you have applied for a job position in the strategic planning unit of an established company offering management consultancy services. The assessment centre that is reviewing your job application, has requested from you a brief report to assist in the scenario planning of any organization of your choice, that will critically analyse and evaluate the strategic management process in the following manner. a) Applying the PESTLE framework, you need to undertake an audit of the macro environment of your chosen industry sector, to identify the key environmental influences on organizations operating within this industry and the nature of its impact within the industry. ( 30% ) b) Using the SWOT framework you are expected to conduct a critical analysis of a the chosen organization , to identify such strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats and its implications for the future sustainability of the company. ( 40%) c) Drawing on Porters Five Forces Analysis Framework, provide a critical discussion of the factors that determine the level of competitive intensity in your chosen industry and the main changes that are likely to occur in the future that would significantly affect bases of competition in this industry. ( 30%) Assignment 1 will focus on your understanding of the various theories in environmental analysis and the application of theories in the case you are studying. However, only a brief overview of the theories is expected . The main focus will be on how the theories are applied to the case in question with support of evidence and critical evaluation in the context of the chosen industry and organization. Words requirement for this assignment is not more than 3,000 words excluding appendixes and tables. Coursework Assignment 2 Due Date: 13th November 2015 Strategic Development Choices revolves around decisions about an organization's future and the way it needs to respond to the many pressures and influences it faces. The survival of the organization will depend on their ability to respond to such pressures and influences through strategic direction (new products, new markets, etc) and methods ( internal, merger/acquisition, alliances etc). Choose any organization within the pharmaceutical, automobile or electronics industry to consider the nature of its strategic development in terms of direction and methods applied. Equal weighting is given for question (a) and (b). a) Using the Ansoff product market matrix, discuss the possible directions in which your chosen organization's strategy may develop and the possible benefits and limitations that may arise from using this approach. b) b) Critically evaluate the following methods by which the organization's strategy may develop discussing at the same time, the relative merits and limitations inherent within each of these methods. • Internal development • Mergers and acquisition • Joint development/ strategic alliances

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