Unit VI Essay REVISE ESSAY already written InstructionsIllustration Essay FinalRevise your 750-1000 word illustrative essay, where you select one aspect of a topic and use evidence and examples to cre

Unit VI Essay

REVISE ESSAY already written

InstructionsIllustration Essay FinalRevise your 750-1000 word illustrative essay, where you select one aspect of a topic and use evidence and examples to create your argument. The essay should be written in the style and form described within Unit V. For this assignment, you will edit and revise your Unit V Illustration Essay Draft. This final essay will be your last opportunity to make adjustments to the essay.

Purpose: Throughout Unit V, we discussed the conventions of the illustration essay. The purpose of this assignment is to measure your mastery of the conventions of the illustration essay. For this assignment, you will practice the skill of careful revision and refinement of your work as sometimes re-envisioning your writing can be more difficult than writing the essay the first time. However, to make your writing the best that it can be, you must practice the skills of editing and revision.

Process: For the illustration essay, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Read through your paper, looking for structural concerns: See Unit IV, Lesson 5, for more details. Be sure that you are satisfied with your paper as a whole before you do any detailed editing.
  2. Read through your paper looking for grammar and stylistics: See Unit IV, Lesson 5, for more details. You may need to read your essay aloud or have someone else look over the essay to find all of your mistakes and awkward phrasings.
  3. Submit a Writing Center request using the Writing Center Request Form in the student portal (optional). Have one of CSU s trained Writing Specialists read through your essay before submission.

Stylistic details: All essays must meet the following requirements:

  • 750-1000 words.
  • Write in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.
  • Include one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Use double spacing (top-to-bottom every page, to include above and below titles and centered words).
  • Include an APA title page (for all essays) and reference list that includes all of the sources used in the essay.
  • Include page numbers (upper-right corner only).
  • Adhere to APA convention and documentation style.
  • At least two sources are required. All sources used must be cited.

Unit VI Essay REVISE ESSAY already written InstructionsIllustration Essay FinalRevise your 750-1000 word illustrative essay, where you select one aspect of a topic and use evidence and examples to cre
6 Major League Baseball Should Eliminate the Use of Designated Hitters Student Name Institutional Affiliation Course Code Instructor’s Name Date of Submission Introduction Baseball is one of the oldest sports in the United States and is labeled Americans’ favorite pastime. Despite basketball being a typical game in the history of the United States, its popularity has started declining due to the emergence of standard tactics. Different tactics have led to various approaches on how various strategies have to be adopted with the aim of adoption and growth in sports activities in the modern day and everyday activities. Designated hitting is one of the common tactics that have developed, attracting several propositions on where it would be used by neither American League nor the National League. Propositions of the tactic have helped highlight its positivity and negativities, proving that it is more harmful than helpful in baseball. This article seeks to use various considerations and justify why the major league should consider the elimination of designated hitters. (Duquette et al., 2019) According to the universal rules of designated hitting, the designated hitter is likely to take strategic roles which the manager plays. If the game is to be played by a hitter who is not very well experienced in using the bat, runners will likely have a challenging experience deciding where the bat is likely to land. On the other hand, what if the game is played by an experienced hitter who is better at hitting? He is likely to have consistency if a designated hitter is likely to play baseball; the strategic manager will not be allowed to make many strategic plans on the match rather than rely on the designated hitter’s abilities to score while playing. Despite the designated hitter team winning the match, the match is less likely to be enjoyable, thus reducing the number of game viewers. The universal rules state that designated hitting does not carry out what is intended to be done in baseball matches, reducing the chances of retaining both old and new fans to the game. When most games are played, pitchers do not give hitting expectations, leaving them to anticipate less and watch other baseballs, making them prefer baseball games to be abolished. When the designated hitting is used in baseball, all the member players have to play on the defense side, which makes them all receive a hit. Most fans view this strategy as a traditional batting method, as most baseball rules suggest that baseball should have two sides: the defense and the offense. Other viewers suggest that a good player should play on both sides, likely to make the match enjoyable to its fans, thus attracting many viewers. All players playing a common side are likely to make a game less attractive; thus, it is not likely to become appealing to the fans, making them less interested in the match. (Molloy, 2019) In most of the discussions, members of Major league baseball have recently argued that designated hitting is essential in reducing the number of injuries to the pitchers, which is a lie. They justified this by suggesting that the designated pitchers hit the last in the batting order, which limits their potential hits and leads to fewer injuries to the pitcher. Furthermore, teams in the major leagues have developed several arguments stating that pitchers are likely to get injured while running at the bases. When pitchers participate in any game, they are required to take first cover base in ground plays, reducing their risks of being impacted whenever a match occurs. Any player participating in a match is likely to get injured while playing, thus not only the pitchers who take risks in the game. Bringing designated hitters will not impact the likelihood of injuries to pitchers, and eliminating them in major league baseball would be essential as it would make the game more exciting. According to the national statistics, major league baseball is making use of different strategies that will be used in developing and increasing their audience whenever a match is taking place. Implementing several strategies, such as designated hitting, is not likely to attract more audiences as the audience would appreciate it if different approaches for making the game exciting were used. The approaches used in direct hitting do not make the game exciting to watch, making an effective and efficient solution associated with attracting more audience to participate in the match. The implementation of designated hitting in baseball can be considered unnecessary and harmful to the game fans as it does not seek to improve the tactics used and incorporated in the matching field. The designated hitting rule in Major league football should not be considered when matches are taking place as it lowers the fun appeal to the match and also creates false sense to the pitchers as they are encouraged that they are not to worry when the game is taking place as they will not be hurt as it is not the reality. (Kanago et al., 2020) Reference Duquette, C. M., Cebula, R. J., & Mixon Jr, F. G. (2019). Major league baseball’s Moneyball at age 15: a re-appraisal. Applied Economics, 51(52), 5694-5700. Kanago, B., & Surdam, D. G. (2020). Intimidation, discrimination, and retaliation: Hit-by-pitches during the integration of Major League Baseball. Atlantic Economic Journal, 48(1), 67-85. Molloy, D. W. (2019). Designated Hitters, Pinch Hitters, and Bat Boys: Judges Dealing with Judgment and Inexperience, Career Clerks or Term Clerks. Law & Contemp. Probs., 82, 133.

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