TSU Healthcare Professionals & Relatives of Patients Approaching End of Life Questions


1.  Explain why or why not the clinic manager’s email to her clinic staff is professional. (must be at least 1 paragraph)

2. How do you think the clinic manager should have addressed this issue with her staff? (must be at least 1 paragraph

3. Type your email response back to the clinic manager. (Assume you are the staff that received that email)

Email :

I received several complaints about the customer service in our clinic last month. This is Unacceptable! The 2 main complaints were that the staff does not greet the patients at check-in and several patient’s personal information in the EMR is incorrect or out dated. I am not happy about this! ALL staff clinic staff will be in MANDATORY Customer Service Training this month! I will send out a schedule for each of you to pick one day out of the week for the next two weeks to attend. This is not an option, it is a requirement! If you have any questions in regard to such, please see me.



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