To prepare for this Project: Reflect on the work in your Shared Activity postings and the opinions..

To prepare for this Project: Reflect on the work in your Shared Activity postings and the opinions and feedback presented in the discussion forum. (Order number #82133031) Read the article Maternal and health care workers perceptions of the effects of exclusive breastfeeding by HIV positive mothers on maternal and infant health in Blantyre, Malawi (Kafulafula et al., 2014). Review the textbook chapters and other readings relevant to methodological issues, trustworthiness, analysis and interpretation of qualitative research. Review the Unit 3 Project guidelines:- Thematic Analysis- Phase 1: Familiarising Yourself with the Data Phase 2: Generating Initial Codes Phase 3: Searching for Themes Phase 4: Reviewing Themes Phase 5: Defining and Naming Themes Phase 6: Producing the Report Enhancing Rigour in Qualitative Data; credibility, dependability, confirmability and transferability. Assignment Project:- To complete this Project, undertake a critical review of the paper addressing following points:- Critically review the methodological aspects of the study including sample size, sampling and recruitment of participants, data collection and other aspects, and discuss how these help the quality, trustworthiness and generalisability of the findings. Critically review the ethical aspects of the study and how the authors have ensured that ethical principles are maintained. Discuss how the authors have addressed rigour and trustworthiness of the study and measures they have taken to enhance credibility, dependability, confirmability and transferability of the study. Suggest additional measures to enhance rigour of the study. Critically review data analysis aspects of the study discussing the steps authors used for analysis of the data. State the main themes identified and discuss their development and presentation. Review the Conclusion section of the study to identify the implications of the study for the public health practice and for future research. Fully state and justify any choices or assumptions you make using the suggested resources for this module as well as additional resources. Include references to any sources you have used. All sources should be cited using Harvard Referencing Style.

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