Thoughts on Case Study discussions

How would you reply to the below responses to the questions: 2 sentences minimum for each question

1. What benefits will the UMUC Haircuts business realize if you implement an enterprise-wide system?  Identify how Myra as the manager will benefit from having additional information available.  

Benefits that UMUC Haircuts business will realize when you implement an enterprise-wide system is being able to build a history and seeing where the various departments affect one another.  Financially you would benefit by seeing when people are more in demand for certain haircut styles and the product orders by looking at past high points throughout the year.  This would allow you to plan accordingly with finances. 

2. Would it make the most sense to start with a CRM, an SCM or an ERP system for UMUC Haircuts and why.  Keep in mind that additional systems and functionality could come later. 

It would make sense to start with an ERP system.  This system will help combine business processes and integrate functions such as such as marketing, purchasing supplies, scheduling employees, and scheduling customer appointments.  The integration of these functions will provide for a more efficient use of resources and will result in a more even operation of the business.  

3) Discuss how you would ensure that this aspect was well addressed to maximize Myra’s chance for success.

Based on the scope outcome, cost and time to provide services must be adjusted accordingly. To do so, Myra must establish an effective quality control system. She must identify the individual needs of both employees and customers. In every business, a proper analysis is a must to identify strengths and weakness with the overall goal of improving operations. As a business owner, Myra will be required to micro-manage until she’s comfortable delegating tasks. It’s imperative that communication at all levels is practiced at UMUC Haircuts.

4) The triple constraints from the class textbook are scope, time, and budget. The budget constraint from the triple constraints is the most important to UMUC Haircuts because while UMUC Haircuts has been doing well financially, an ERP system can be expensive and hard to afford for a small business (Linton, 2015). Clients can become upset when they make appointments with stylists and the stylist is not even scheduled when they come in for the appointment. This hurts UMUC Haircuts and causes a loss of revenue because the customer may not want service from another stylist and, further, may never come back from poor customer service. Myra spending money or getting a loan for an ERP system will benefit the salon and cause an increase in revenue from the improvement of her scheduling and customer service improvement related to the ERP.

Linton, Ian. (2015). Pros & cons of ERP systems for small businesses. Retrieved from

Turban, E., Volonino, L., Wood, G.R. & Sipior, J.C. (2013). Information technology for management: advancing sustainable, profitable business growth, 9th edition. Retrieved from

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