This paper is about mapping out your strategy to meet your goals so it is okay to draw from your…

This paper is about mapping out your strategy to meet your goals so it is okay to draw from your personal experience but the conclusions you reach have to consist of more than your self-reflections.

Your paper must specifically address the following:

What are your goals? What skills, experiences, insights do you possess that make you unique and how do they connect with what you want to achieve? What concrete steps have you already taken and what additional measures do you plan to take to make your goals a reality? I encourage you to revisit the readings and exercises from modules 1 to 5 for inspiration. Think of what you write in this section as your answer to the ubiquitous interview question, “Tell me about yourself”. Chapter 10 & 11 of “You Majored in What?” have some great tips to help you construct your answer.
Next, outline your plan to create a network that will help you achieve your objectives. You can begin by presenting an assessment of your current network (use the Uzzi and Dunlop HBR article as a guide) before discussing how you plan to broaden your circle of contacts.
You also need to discuss how you will be managing your online presence. Be as detailed as possible. For example, at this point you have a LinkedIn profile and perhaps a couple of connections. How are you going to expand your network to help achieve your goals? By asking people for introductions? By joining groups that share your interests? If you have come to the conclusion that you don’t need to maintain a prominent presence online, elaborate on your reasoning behind this decision.
Finally, what is your plan to sustain your network, and online presence?
This report should be 1500- 2500 words in length. You will be graded on the following:

Content: Does it fulfill the stated objective of the assignment? Has the writer made clear and well supported arguments? Are citations appropriately used? Has the author adhered to the word limits?
Organization: Is it easy to understand the point the author is making? Does the paper flow in a way that makes it readable?


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