This is not your ordinary quot;essayquot; midterm. For the midterm project you will deliver two intelligence collection plans:

This is not your ordinary “essay” midterm. For the midterm project you will deliver two intelligence collection plans: one that deals with a tactical intelligence problem and one that deals with astrategic intelligence problem.

You are expected to deliver your plan in a document that includes the intelligence problem (stated as a question), a listing of intelligence requirements related to the problem/question, potential intelligence targets and collection methods (feel free to break down major methods of collection, like SIGINT, into their components: ELINT, COMINT, MASINT, TELINT, etc.). You are also to provide an estimate of relative effectiveness of the collection type against each specific target of collection.

Successful collection plans should include no less than 8-10 intelligence requirements for each of the collection plans. Each intelligence requirement should have at least 2-4 potential places where the information can be collected (the targets of your collection).

The two intelligence problems for this assignment are:

Strategic – With the consolidation of power by the Iranian-backed Iraqi regime in Baghdad, what are the prospects for an independent or autonomous Kurdish state in traditionally Kurdish areas of Iraq?

Tactical – What are the immediate effects of the numerous collapses of underground earthworks at the North Korean nuclear weapons testing site?

Your grade will be based on the following rubric and I recommend you make a check list to be sure you have:

1) the primary intelligence question or requirement identified (in two separate strategic and tactical matrices),

2) you’ve listed your sub-questions or component information requirements(PIRs/EEIs),

3) listing of targets of collection, and tie the targets to the PIRs,

5) identify what collection mechanisms you will recommend for each target, and

6) provide an estimate of the expected effectiveness of the collection to successfully collect the information


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