This is an essay test. There are three (3) essay questions below. The instructions are very… 1 answer below »

This is an essay test. There are three (3) essay questions below. The instructions are very specific so please read. Also, this is for a US based class, please select one of your great tutors who can write with US grammar to help me avoid any clarity. (Thank You!)

Here are the instructions needed for this task:

Generally essay responses to each question range between seven to ten pages (double-spaced).

Each answer must include between five to ten current references from primary sources, such as professional journals and publications to support the responses. References should be dated within the past 5 years, but no older than 10 years.

Use a standard essay format, and use examples supported by citations of scholarly references.

When citing sources, you must use APA format (author, date).

Include a Reference page following each question with the full reference for each citation.

All responses must conform to the following form and style requirements:

Double-space your answers and format your work using the attached example as a guide

State each question in bold type before writing your response.

Use a standard font and a 12-point type size.

Prepare a Table of Contents and Approval Page using the attached model as a guide

Here are the Essay Questions to write:


Management has formulated a company-side strategic plan defining specific objectives for the new information systems being introduced. Describe how you would develop the operational basis for meeting these strategic objectives. Discuss both the means to maximize the potential of the new systems and also the means to minimize the negative impact of the technology.


A new company has just hired you to turn-around an unprofitable and dysfunctional division. Outline the first series of steps you would take to develop an understanding of the operations. Describe the means you would employ to overcome barriers to the introduction of new ways of doing business? Comment on howyou would manage change once the procedures have been defined.


As “citizens” of the world, multinational corporations have an obligation to abide by the local laws of the host culture and meet or exceed overall ethical standards. As an international consultant you have thirty minutes to talk to the CEO of a company preparing to do business in developing countries. Outline the most important “facts-of life” you would explain to the CEO and the rationale for your selection of the specific facts you decided to emphasize.

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