This assignment covers material from weeks 1 through 4 and will show your ability to write about…

This assignment covers material from weeks 1 through 4 and will show your ability to write about important concepts and to apply the materials to practical situations. Each of the items should show clear evidence of your ability to understand the text and other materials, as well as demonstrate your capacity to apply the information and to reflect on the topics. Your ability to compose in a professional manner and to follow the instructions for writing papers will be necessary for successful completion of this assignment.
This is not a research paper and you shouldnt use any additional resources for this assignment unless directed to do so. You are welcome to quote the text and assigned outside readings, but must always cite these sources in your work. Include the item number and bolded title at the beginning of each of your answer, but dont include the whole question. Make sure you follow the instructions for writing and submitting papers, particularly not letting Word force double or triple indentions. You work should be flush left. Dont start each item on a new page. Each item should be a minimum of to a whole. 1. Self-Directed Learners. (up to 30 pts, 1 page minimum)
Read the section on this on pages 64-68 in Rothwell. Your task here will be to describe a person who is strong on all the traits and skills listed and another person who is weak on all of them. Of course, this will be a made up person, but give each person a name, age, job, family, etc. Describe the two and tell how their competency in the skills would influence them as a learner and as a worker. 2. History of Adult Learners and Adult Education. (up to 25 points, page minimum)
There is text information and the outside reading from week 1 about the historical context on this topic. Were you surprised about any aspect of the elements?3. Adult Learning Handout (3/4 page minimum; up to 25 pts)
In the Week 3 folder, you were given a handout that I used in a faculty development session with the university faculty members. Imagine that I asked you to work on the presentation with me. Select two elements from the handout and write give advice to faculty about how to structure their classes to enhance these elements for the students.4. Gagne applied to workplace training (1 and page minimum; up to 35 pts)
You are the training specialist at Gizmo Enterprises. The company has received some complaints that the customer service representatives dont always give accurate information about the products. You and the HR director have decided to set up training for the representatives. Using Gagnes work (, list the nine steps along with a brief description (a short paragraph) of what you would do in each element.5. Format & Writing (up to 10 pts) Reference
Rothwell, W.J. (2008). Adult learning basics. ASTD Press, Alexandria, VAAll required readings are attached for this assignment

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