There are 3 things that need to be done 1) Project Proposal and Plan 2) Progress Reports [there are.

There are 3 things that need to be done
1) Project Proposal and Plan
2) Progress Reports [there are 4] 300 words for each of them
3) Project Report
I have uploaded the marking criteria for all the files.
Please go through them carefully because you have to make sure every bit of the marking criteria has been addressed accordingly in regards to its weightage.
Basically, there is no word limit for either of the files
Yet a minimum of 60 pages is required for the Project Report and can go longer depending on the extent of research done.
The case study was documented in 2006 so there is a difference of almost 10 yrs.
Based on that we need to propose all the changes and stuff for the Report.
Regarding the Project proposal and plan
1) Description of the project
2) Scope
3) Objectives & Constraints
Need to be done
U can leave the rest as it has been assigned to different members of my team.
I need the project proposal and plan in the next 2 days
U will be hardly writing 500 words for it as u only need to do 3 sections as listed above.
I am also attaching a Report of the same case study that was done by a few mates last semester and all they did was managed to get a Pass, which was terrifying for them till the end. The Quality of their report was really poor and all the sections were addressed badly. They were Lucky enough to actually get a Pass.
Also I don't want any content to be the same from that too, whatever we trying to propose should be entirely different from what they did in their report.
I have also attached a few notes that I have taken while discussing with my team members on how to go with the report and other things.
Do have a look at it as well.
Regarding the project proposal and plan don’t worry about the
Project Schedule and Work breakdown Structure.

But in the report I need every section to be addressed as per the criteria including project schedule and WBS.
Regarding the figures for the report please add figures, which are only related to the content written and not just related to the main topic or so.
Please do not add any unnecessary figures.
I have attached the progress reports done in the last semester. The quality is really bad and they were score 0.6 out of 3.00 for each of them. I am attaching all these files from the previous one just for an idea on how it has to be presented but I do understand they are of bad quality and poorly done.
So I expect some serious Standards.
In text citations are required for every all the files and the references need to be in Harvard Style.

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