The purpose of this Assignment is to get you thinking about your Five-day Instructional Unit, which will be due in Unit 6. You should plan to work on your Instructional Unit a little bit each week. Fo

The purpose of this Assignment is to get you thinking about your Five-day Instructional Unit, which will be due in Unit 6. You should plan to work on your Instructional Unit a little bit each week.

For this Assignment, think about the topic and learning objectives of your Five-day Instructional Unit. You may want to orient your curriculum around a theme (e.g., change or the relationship between individual and society; themes that are important in many academic disciplines); an entity (e.g., a literary text or an event or trend); a skill (e.g., conjugating verbs or understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem), or a sensibility (e.g., understanding and appreciating perspective in drawing). Do not be afraid to think outside the box for your discipline. Consider units that are oriented in non-traditional ways (e.g., a social studies unit not based on an event but on the acquisition of map-reading skills. Alternatively, a Language Arts unit based not on the entity of a book but on a particular theme, etc.).

Before you begin your Assignment, view this interaction about writing objectives.

Include the following information in your plan and use the Unit 1 Assignment template to complete it:

  • Decide on a central focus or theme for your Instructional Unit. The topic should be from the primary academic curriculum.
  • Select the content standard(s) that are related to your topic/theme.
  • Determine the know and do for your content standard.
  • Determine the necessary vocabulary in order to understand the standard.
  • Include as many learning objectives in your plan warranting 5 days of instruction. These important learning objectives will become your lesson topics and should include concepts, principles, and skills encompassed in your topic/theme.
  • Identify each type of learning objective (Thinking, Content, or Product).

The purpose of this Assignment is to get you thinking about your Five-day Instructional Unit, which will be due in Unit 6. You should plan to work on your Instructional Unit a little bit each week. Fo
Purdue University Global School of Education General Lesson Plan Template (This template may be modified as needed to fit district or school lesson plan formats.) Grade Level: Subject / Content area: Unit of Study: Lesson Title: Be certain to attach any handouts, activities, templates, PPT decks that will be utilized with this lesson. Central Focus for the learning segment: What is the central focus or big idea of the lesson? Content Standard(s): State Standards (CCLS, NGSS, etc.) List the number and text of the standard. If only a portion of a standard is being addressed, then only list the relevant part(s). Sub standard for today s lesson: Technology What technology will be used during the lesson and how will it support student learning? Learning Objectives: Thinking Skill What cognitive process(es) will students be engaged in during the lesson? Refer to Bloom s Taxonomy or Depth of Knowledge. Content What content will students have access to during this lesson? Refer to the standards referenced above. Product What will students know and be able to do by the end of the lesson? Language Development: Language Objectives What will students be expected to utilize when illustrating or demonstrating understanding? Vocabulary What key or new vocabulary is essential in the lesson? Materials/Resources: Provide a list of the materials and resources you will use as sources of input for the students during this lesson. At least one resource must be technology used for instructional purposes that is supported by the ITSE standard(s) referenced above. Context: Knowledge of Students: Prior learning and Prerequisite Skills: What prior knowledge do students need to use and build upon to be successful? Misconceptions: Identify common misconceptions regarding the concepts that are addressed in the lesson. Explain how your plans linked student s prior academic learning and personal/cultural/community assets to new learning. Plan Details: Write a detailed plan that describes the procedure of your class session including anticipatory set, model of instruction / input, guided practice, checking for understanding, independent practice, conceptual/skill development, activities, questions, and closure. . Differentiation and planned universal supports: What will you use for the whole class, individuals, and/or students with specific learning needs? How will you address the needs of GATE, EL, or students with special needs during this lesson? Students with IEP or 504 must be included indicating necessary supports to achieve the learning objectives. What will their groupings look like and at what point in the lesson will you work with them, detailing as well what the other students will be doing independently. Type of Student Assessments and what is being assessed: How will you know whether students are making progress towards the learning goal(s) and how will you assess the extent to which they have met the goal(s)? You must describe how the assessment is aligned with the stated objectives, which objective(s) it is assessing, how the strategy provides evidence of student understanding, and how you will provide feedback to the student Evaluation Criteria and/or Rubric: Relevant theories and/or research best practices: APA References: Parent communication: In what ways will you communicate with parents the unit of study? I does not need to occur in all five of the lessons, but must be included at least once. RS 5.29.19 Revised for this course.

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