Stress Management Workshop Presentation

For this assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Then search the Internet to educate yourself on the concepts behind developing a professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Also, refer to the Walden Writing Center with regard to APA formatting for PowerPoint presentations ( Finally, review a variety of online stress management presentations to determine what types of activities you would like to include and the best way to present those activities to your chosen population.   

The Assignment (16–25 slides) Create a PowerPoint presentation of the stress management techniques you developed in Week 5 for the population you selected in Week 3. In 16–25 slides, your PowerPoint presentation should: Describe the relationship between stress and health Explain the influence stress might have on the health of your chosen population Describe the stress management techniques you selected for your Week 5 stress management handouts Explain how to apply the stress management techniques you are presenting Explain how and why these techniques work for your chosen population and the common stressors they face Describe tips on how to successfully incorporate these techniques into the lives of your chosen population

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