strategy evaluation of Baptcare: Strategic Management- Report Writing Assignment Executive Summary..


strategy evaluation of Baptcare: Strategic Management- Report Writing Assignment

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report will be on devising and developing a strategic plan for Baptcare before implementing it. Everything mentioned will be implemented at business levels within the Victoria and Tasmania regions with particular relevance to Baptcare’s ‘Aged Care’ services.

For the first part of the report, we will be analysing and identifying the strategic dilemmas Baptcare has faced in its operating environment. After it, we will be proposing solutions that can improve Baptcare’s broad differentiation strategy with justifications. The strategic plan proposed will encompass a five year timeline and seek to help Baptcare achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors.

For the second part of it, we will be discussing about the implementation of our proposed strategic plan and the resources or competencies required for it. The proposed strategy plan will be critically analysed for its effectiveness by using the balanced scorecard approach before the eventual conclusion of the entire report.


Executive Summary – State clearly from the beginning or very early in this section what is the report about, and why it is being produced.

Introduction (optional) – after preliminary statement, lay out the flow of the report.

Review and comment on organizational mission and vision – suggest new mission or vision ifyou deem it necessary to change the current ones. The purpose is to set the stage for strategy recommendation later.

Review the SWOT and business level strategy –
1. This is a review or summary of what you’ve done in Assignment 1, and NOT another new analysis. (market analysis, customers, VRIN)
2. IF there are changes since the last assignment, you should discuss them here.
3. Just like the previous section, the purpose of this section is to set the stage for strategy recommendations later.

Strategic Dilemma – you can re-use the same strategic dilemma as in Assignment 1. BUT YOU MUST state that the internal and external environment, and the organisation’s strategy has not changed since the last review (in Assignment 1), or has not changed significantly enough to engender new dilemmas for the organization.

Explain the suggested/proposed new strategy(s) –
1. You must provide both theoretical and empirical support for your recommendation(s). (which dimension are you focusing on?, some areas you can cut cost)
2. Theoretical support will be in the form Porter’s Generic strategies, Miles & Snow’s typology, etc.
3. Empirical support you can provide later under the Justification section.
4. You can suggest more than one strategy, but you must explain how management should choose between the alternatives. You can make reference to the Justification section.

Justification for suggested/proposed strategy(s) –
1. Use SAFe and Rumelt’s Criteria to assess or evaluate our new strategy(s). Need NOT be perfect fit on all dimensions. This is particularly so for alternative strategies. (can stick to current strategy but make changes, clearly justify current strategy and give meaningful changes)
2. Justifiable to the industry life cycle stage that the organization is in? (introduction, growth, maturity.. – likely to be at growth or near end of growth, reaching maturity (get newspaper articles)
3. Where resources or competences are inadequate or unavailable, say it, but go on to state that they will be acquired and will be discussed in the section under implementation.
4. Explain positive cultural and ethical implications. (likely no issues)
5.Explain how your recommendation(s) avoid ‘bad strategy’. (rumelt’s bad strategy)

Strategy Implementation –
1. How will resources be developed or acquired? – eg. Training, consultancy, M&A, Organic development
2. What will be the functional strategies – key ones only
3. Provide a time-table/schedule of actions/programs that will be implemented over the five years.
4. Discuss any organizational structure change(S) if any.
5. Explicitly discuss challenges in implementing the new strategy(s) and how they might be overcome or pre-empted, eg., managing change, difficulties in M&A or Organic development.

Measuring Effectiveness of New Strategy – Present a control system that comprises some or all of the following elements – direct and indirect measures of inputs and outputs. (how much $ you put in, number of employees hired)
Explain that your control system is good – usually it is about it being adequate and yet not administratively difficult.
Balanced score card can be applied to your system. Explain how it fits into your system.


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