State Energy Profile Paper Write a 1,500-2,400 word (5-8 page) paper comparing three states’energy..

State Energy Profile Paper

Write a 1,500-2,400 word (5-8 page) paper comparing three states’energy profiles and energy-related CO2 emissions. The paper will compare Georgia, a state southeastern coastal state (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas), and one state selected from the remainder of the United States. Using data drawn from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the paper will focus on major differences in energy use among the three states in the areas of electricity generation, renewables, nuclear power, and transportation. To enable fairer comparisons, most energy and CO2 emissions data should be converted to per capita numbers: divide by state-level 2014 population.

Preferred states are: Georgia, Mississippi, and California

Use the following links to find data for each state.

Find State Information: 

Quick Facts: 

Profile Analysis: 

Consumption by source 

consumption by sector 




energy used per capital 

CO2 Emissions 

renewable energy 

electricity profile 

resident population 

Answer preview………… Energy consumption or use in the United States has for a long time been of great concern to the United States Department of Energy. This has mainly been due to increased CO2 emissions that have polluted the environment and contributed to global warming and climate change. These pressures have necessitated the need for adoption of cleaner sources of energy while at the same time ensuing that the current energy sources are used in the most economical manner possible so as to reduce energy wastage and rising costs of energy. The United States Energy Information Administration collects data from each of the states in the country with an aim of understanding how energy can be conserved and CO2 emissions reduced. The aim of this paper is to perform an energy profile for three states in the United States including Mississippi, California, and Georgia. Some of the major comparisons will involve energy use in areas such as generation, nuclear power, transportation, and renewable energy………..

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