SPBU HIM 1101 Real World Case Study


In this module, we discuss the fundamentals and purpose of the health record, including its various uses, users, components, and the roles and responsibilities of an HIM professional in regard to the record.

The chapter introduces students to the users of health records. This discussion underscores the importance of the work of the HIM professional in supporting critical roles and users of the data and information contained in the health record. The chapter also provides students with their first introduction to the concepts of privacy, confidentiality, and security of health information. HIM professionals play a critical role as patient advocates to safeguard an individual’s health information from unauthorized access.

Module Topics and/or Essential Questions
  • The topics in this chapter set the stage for the many aspects of HIM found in this book such as privacy, security, information systems, quality improvement and so much more.
  • Students must understand the purpose of the health record and those who use it in order to understand its importance
Module-Level Objectives

These Module-Level Objectives are outcomes specific to this Module that support the broader Learning Objectives.

  • Define the term health record
  • Explain the purposes of the health record
  • Identify the different users of the health record and how they use it
  • Identify processes in paper-based and electronic health records
  • Manage the master patient index
  • Identify quality controls that can be put into place to manage health information management functions
  • Explain the health record processes
  • Explain the health information management information systems
Assignment Checklist

The topic items that follow are required for completing this

  1. Discussion 3.1: Electronic Health Records [1b, 1e, 2c]
  2. SPC Real World Case 3.1: General Hospital [1e, 1f, 1gluù

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