SOC 100 GCU Positive and Negative Effects of Affirmative Action in The US Questions


Q1.) Evaluate the positive and negative effects of Affirmative Action in the United States. Target current issues, trends, and demographics. Q2.) Provide examples of race and ethnicity. Explain the differences. Provide examples of sex and gender and explain the differences.

Provide an example of how the concept of equality affects popular aspects of U.S. culture: (i.e., sports, competition, independence, diversity, “Think BIG,” etc.)

Lastly, do you see equality happening in our society? Why or why not? Describe your personal observations of inequality. Q3)Search the GCU Library for articles that describe incidents of gender, age, racial, and ethnic discrimination.

Choose two incidents of discrimination. Be sure each is of a different type of discrimination (age, gender, race, and/or ethnicity, etc.).

Complete the “Incidents of Inequality” worksheet  

Q4.)Access the Quiz 5 attachment and answer each of the four questions.  

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