SEU Public Service Announcement Brochure


Public Service AnnouncementI

dentify a key social determinant of health in the Kingdom as well as a related public health concern. Next, prepare a public service announcement (PSA) in the form of a two-page brochure to educate the public on this concern. Remember to address the following:

An explanation of the social determinant including a definition;

How the determinant is related to a public health disease with current statistics;

What you want the public to do with the information-suggest behaviors you want to change.

  • How your agency can address the concern, including measures and surveillance;
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – with specific items; and
  • Whom to contact for additional details (e.g., WHO, Ministry of Health), including an address and phone number.
  • To see an example, view the following brochure, “Monitoring is a Critical Tobacco Control Activity,” developed by the World Health Organization.
  • Your brochure should meet the following structural requirements:

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