See the word doc section 5.0 ad 6.0 that’s all I need. Team data file has the information of roles

See the word doc section 5.0 ad  6.0 that’s all I need.

Team data file has the information of roles

See the word doc section 5.0 ad 6.0 that’s all I need. Team data file has the information of roles
SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN (SPMP) 1.0 Introduction Chocoholics Anonymous (ChocAn) is an organization dedicated to helping people addicted to chocolate in all its glorious forms. Members of ChocAn pay a monthly through a third party known as Acme.For their membership, members get to enjoy unlimited consultations and treatment with healthcare professionals. Once a week, a record consisting of electronic funds (EFT) data is sent to banking computers which ensure that each provider s bank is credited with the appropriate amount for the effort.Code Linguistics has been awarded the contact to write only the ChocAn data processing software. 1.1Problem statement  Our goal is to design a system that can handle all the necessary information coming in and going out of ChocAos data center efficiently.With the amount of data being transferred; privacy will be a huge priority. The database will contain sensitive information such: medical records, payment information, members and providers credentials, etc. The system will need to keep an up-to-date list of members and providers. This will minimize the amount of data that needs to be saved and the problems that come with handling it. In the description of the project, the team noticed a few places where human error could occur easily. The system will minimize this by the integrations of drop-down boxes, search bars and automatic information matching.Once information is entered by either a member or a provider; the system will provide a functionality that will allow the user to double verify and confirm their inputs. 1.2 Project scope 1.2.1 Inclusions A description of the software is presented. Major inputs, processing functionality and outputs are described without regard to implementation detail. Every member has a plastic card embossed with the member s name and a nine-digit member number. A magnetic strip incorporated into the card encloses all their information. The providers are given a specially designed ChocAn computer terminal. They are allowed access to their terminal by entering their provider number. Members and providers data will be stored in the ChocAn Data Center, where they will be updated daily by the operators. Suspended or retired members will be automatically deleted from the active member/provider list on a daily basis. At the beginning of a session, the members give their card to the provider who uses the terminal to validate their membership. The provider will no longer be required to enter information after the member has been validated.The system will automate the rest of the entries.Service sessions for each provider will be in a drop down brown box tailored to their position.The system will will populate all the information on the screen to give the users an opportunity to verify their inputs before saving the information to the system. Whenever data is received from a user; double verification will be required by the system. Weekly, the members and providers will receive a report if the system recorded that they had sessions(s). If the member sees an unknown session on their report, they can either submit a notice through the website or call ChocAn. All activities/transactions will be recorded by the system.Since the system will handling a large amount of sensitive information, the database should be secure. Members and providers credit card/payment or any other personal identification information will be encrypted.Only necessary personnel of ChocAn will be given access to these data. 1.2.2 Exclusions List any exclusions from the project Communication software Designing the ChocAn provider s terminal Software needed by the Acme Accounting Services Implementation of the EFT component 1.3 Major software functions A functional decomposition of the software (for use during estimation and scheduling) is developed here. May be outline/bullet points or decomposition diagram format. Encrypted personal information List of active active members and providers Automation tools ( drop-down boxes, search bar, automatic information matching ) Double verification Recording activities and transactions Automated weekly reports 1.4 Performance/Behavior constraints Any special requirements for performance or behavior are noted here. Non-functional constraints such as on-line response time or batch window timeframe to complete processing. Not sure what to write here 1.5 Management and technical constraints 1.5.1 Management constraints Any special constraints that affect the manner in which the project will be conducted (e.g., limited resources or ‘drop dead’ delivery date) are noted here. 1.5.2 Technical constraints Any special constraints that affect the technical approach to development are noted here.   2.0 Project Estimates This section provides cost, effort and time estimates for the projects  2.1 Historical data used for estimates Describes the historical data that is relevant to the estimates presented. This is, what historical work can be used as the basis for your estimations (e.g. prior classwork projects, work projects) 2.2 Initial Estimate Based solely on 1.0 and 2.1 details provide. 2.2.1 SPMP Completion Estimate Estimated effort in hours to complete SPMP 2.2.2 Overall project estimate Line-of Code Estimate What is the estimated lines of code to complete project Function Estimate What is the count of the funtionality listed in 1.3 Tasks Estimate What are high level tasks to complete (this is not a project plan) but tasks to think about for this estimate Total overall project time estimate in hours of effort Team consensus on overall effort based on estimated values in plus 2.2.1 and project management effort  2.3 Estimation techniques applied and results A description of each estimation technique and the resultant estimates are presented here. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS SECTION UNTIL REMAINDER OF SPMP IS COMPLETED AND REVIEWED! 2.3.1 Estimation technique 1 lines of code Tables or equations associated with lines of code estimation technique m are presented. Re-estimate lines of code based on completed SPMP. 2.3.2 Estimate for technique 1 lines of code Estimate in hours generated for lines of code technique. 2.3.3 Estimation technique 2 function points Re-estimate functionality and apply function point counting technique based on completed SPMP. 2.3.4 Estimation technique 3 process/task Tables or equations associated with lines of code estimation technique m are presented. Re-estimate effort based on actual tasks defined in completed SPMP. 2.3.5 Estimate for technique 3 process/task Estimate in hours generated for process/task technique.  2.4 Reconciled Estimate The final cost, effort, time (duration) estimate for the project (at this point in time) is presented here. Explain your rationale for these numbers compared to the three techniques above.  2.5 Project Resources People, hardware, software, tools, and other resources required to build the software are noted here.   3.0 Risk Management This section discusses project risks and the approach to managing them.  3.1 Project Risk Table Each project risk is described. Name of risk, probability, impact, mitigation and contingency plan   3.2 Overview of Risk Mitigation, Monitoring, Management How will Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management be handled. Communication plan, when to apply the mitigation strategy, etc.   4.0 Project Schedule This section presents an overview of project tasks and the output of a project scheduling tool.  4.1 Project task set The process model, framework activities and task set that have been selected for the project are presented in this section.   4.2 Task network Project tasks and their dependencies are noted in this diagrammatic form.  4.3 Timeline chart A project timeline chart is presented. This may include a time line for the entire project or for each staff member.   5.0 Staff Organization The manner in which staff are organized and the mechanisms for reporting are noted.  5.1 Team structure The team structure for the project is identified. Roles are defined.  5.2 Management reporting and communication Mechanisms for progress reporting and inter/intra team communication are identified.   6.0 Tracking and Control Mechanisms Techniques to be used for project tracking and control are identified.  6.1 Quality assurance and control An overview of SQA activities is provided. This is an outline at this point and will be used to create a detailed plan later in the project.  6.2 Change management and control An overview of SCM activities is provided on how changes will be handled communication of a change, how decision made of approval, defer or reject change request. 6.3 Tools What tools will be used to control access and versioning of artifacts.  7.0 Appendix Supplementary information is provided here.
See the word doc section 5.0 ad 6.0 that’s all I need. Team data file has the information of roles
627 A Term Project: Chocoholics Anonymous Chocoholics Anonymous (ChocAn) is an organization dedicated to helping people addicted to chocolate in all its glorious forms. Members pay a monthly fee to ChocAn. For this fee they are entitled to unlimited consultations and treatments with health car e professionals, namely, dietitians, internists, and exercise experts. Every member is given a plastic card embossed with the member s name and a nine-digit member number and incorporating a magnetic strip on which that information is encoded. Each health care professional ( provider ) who provides services to ChocAn members has a specially designed ChocAn computer terminal, similar to a credit card device in a shop. When a provider s terminal is switched on, the provider is asked to enter his or her provider number. To receive health care services from ChocAn, the member hands his or her card to the provider, who slides the card through the card reader on the terminal. The terminal then dials the ChocAn Data Center, and the ChocAn Data Center computer veri es the member number. If the number is valid, the word Validated appears on the one-line display. If the number is not valid, the reason is displayed, such as Invalid number or Member sus- pended; the latter message indicates that fees are owed (that is, the member has not paid membership fees for at least a month) and member status has been set to suspended. To bill ChocAn after a health care service has been provided to the member, the provider again passes the card through the card reader or keys in the member number. When the word Validated appears, the provider keys in the date the service was provided in the format MM DD YYYY . The date of service is needed because hardware or other dif culties may have prevented the provider from billing ChocAn immediately after providing the service. Next, the provider uses the Provider Directory to look up the appropriate six-digit service code corresponding to the service provided. For example, 598470 is the code for a session with a dietitian, whereas 883948 is the code for an aerobics exercise session. The provider Appendix sch76183_appA_627-629.indd 627 sch76183_appA_627-629.indd 627 07/06/10 11:53 AM 07/06/10 11:53 AM 628 Appendix A T erm Project: Chocoholics Anonymous then keys in the service code. To check that the service code has been correctly looked up and keyed in, the software product then displays the name of the service corresponding to the code (up to 20 characters) and asks the provider to verify that this is indeed the ser- vice that was provided. If the provider has entered a nonexistent code, an error message is printed. The provider also can enter comments about the service provided. The software product now writes a record to disk that includes the following elds: Current date and time (MM DD YYYY HH:MM:SS). Date service was provided (MM DD YYYY). Provider number (9 digits). Member number (9 digits). Service code (6 digits). Comments (100 characters) (optional). The software product next looks up the fee to be paid for that service and displays it on the provider s terminal. For veri cation purposes, the provider has a form on which to enter the current date and time, the date the service was provided, member name and number, service code, and fee to be paid. At the end of the week, the provider totals the fees to verify the amount to be paid to that provider by ChocAn for that week. At any time, a provider can request the software product for a Provider Directory, an alphabetically ordered list of service names and corresponding service codes and fees. The Provider Directory is sent to the provider as an e-mail attachment. At midnight on Friday, the main accounting procedure is run at the ChocAn Data Center. It reads the week s le of services provided and prints a number of reports. Each report also can be run individually at the request of a ChocAn manager at any time during the week. Each member who has consulted a ChocAn provider during that week receives a list of services provided to that member, sorted in order of service date. The report, which is also sent as an e-mail attachment, includes: Member name (25 characters). Member number (9 digits). Member street address (25 characters). Member city (14 characters). Member state (2 letters). Member ZIP code (5 digits). For each service provided, the following details are required: Date of service (MM DD YYYY). Provider name (25 characters). Service name (20 characters). Each provider who has billed ChocAn during that week receives a report, sent as an e-mail attachment, containing the list of services he or she provided to ChocAn members. To simplify the task of veri cation, the report contains the same information as that entered on the provider s form, in the order that the data were received by the computer. At the end of the report is a summary including the number of consultations with members and the total fee for that week. That is, the elds of the report include: sch76183_appA_627-629.indd 628 sch76183_appA_627-629.indd 628 07/06/10 11:53 AM 07/06/10 11:53 AM Appendix A Term Project: Chocoholics Anonymous 629 Provider name (25 characters). Provider number (9 digits). Provider street address (25 characters). Provider city (14 characters). Provider state (2 letters). Provider ZIP code (5 digits). For each service provided, the following details are required: Date of service (MM DD YYYY). Date and time data were received by the computer (MM DD YYYY HH:MM:SS). Member name (25 characters). Member number (9 digits). Service code (6 digits). Fee to be paid (up to $999.99). Total number of consultations with members (3 digits). Total fee for week (up to $99,999.99). A record consisting of electronic funds transfer (EFT) data is then wr itten to a disk; banking computers will later ensure that each provider s bank account is credited with the appropriate amount. A summary report is given to the manager for accounts payable. The report lists every provider to be paid that week, the number of consultations each had, and his or her total fee for that week. Finally, the total number of providers who provided services, the total number of consultations, and the overall fee total are printed. During the day, the software at the ChocAn Data Center is run in interactive mode to allow operators to add new members to ChocAn, to delete members who have resigned, and to update member records. Similarly, provider records are added, deleted, and updated. The processing of payments of ChocAn membership fees has been contracted out to Acme Accounting Services, a third-party organization. Acme is responsible for nancial procedures such as recording payments of membership fees, suspending members whose fees are overdue, and reinstating suspended members who have now paid what is owing. The Acme computer updates the relevant ChocAn Data Center computer membership records each evening at 9 P.M. Your organization has been awarded the contract to write only the ChocAn data process- ing software; another organization will be responsible for the communications software, for designing the ChocAn provider s terminal, for the software needed by Acme Account- ing Services, and for implementing the EFT component. The contract states that, at the acceptance test, the data from a provider s terminal must be simulated by keyboard input and data to be transmitted to a provider s terminal display must appear on the screen. A manager s terminal must be simulated by the same keyboard and screen. Each member report must be written to its own le; the name of the le should begin with the member name, followed by the date of the report. The provider reports should be handled the same way. The Provider Directory must also be created as a le. None of the les should actually be sent as e-mail attachments. As for the EFT data, all that is required is that a le be set up containing the provider name, provider number, and the amount to be transferred. sch76183_appA_627-629.indd 629 sch76183_appA_627-629.indd 629 07/06/10 11:53 AM 07/06/10 11:53 AM
See the word doc section 5.0 ad 6.0 that’s all I need. Team data file has the information of roles
Team Name: Code Linguistics Meeting Frequency/Plan: We created a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other on a daily basis. Based on the progress of the project, we plan to hold Zoom meetings somewhere between 1-3 times each week. We plan to utilize Google Doc to track/share each other s work progress. Student Name Photo Skills Initial role definition Background Mohamed Ullah C, Data Structure with C, Database Management, SQL Project Manager As the creator of the group, and also the group leader, called everyone together. A skilled C programmer and Database administrator. Kunika Saxena C, Database Management, Python Business Customer I am a part time graduate student in Information Technology and System, I work Full Time at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a DevOps Engineer. I have experience with database management, C, Python and Autorabit Feiyuan Wang SQL,Database, HTML, Project Designer Glad to join this group. I have experience with HTML and SQL and have also learned about databases. Hope we can establish some communication like a WhatsAPP discussion group, and regular weekly meetings to exchange progress and answer each other’s questions. I am basically free every day after 4pm. Emma Gong C, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Database Management Developer I am a part-time graduate student in the Information System and Technology program. Currently, I work as a software engineer in an IT Rotational Program. I have experience with automation, Google Cloud platform, UI/UX design, frontend development, and database management. Latif Bouda C, Python, Matlab HTML Developer I m currently in Dearborn. My major is in Mechanical engineering so I may not have much experience. But I m excited to learn. I work for ZF braking system as a software engineer .I m free usually everyday after 5 PM

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