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Research Topic: Analyzing the impact of Supply Chain delays on Production in Wisynco Group

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OUTLINE FOR THE RESEARCH PROJECT/THESIS DOCUMENT Chapters 1-3 Reseach Topic: Anlayzing the impact of Supply Chain delays on Production in Wisynco Group Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study Introduction Background of the Study Problem Statement Purpose of the Study Research Question(s) (Qualitative) and Hypotheses ( Quantitative ) Significance of the Study Nature of the Research Design for the Study Definition of Terms Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations Chapter 2: Literature Review Introduction to the Chapter – Sweeney Theoretical Foundations and/or Conceptual Framework – Lisa Review of the Literature – Roye Gaps in Literature – Kareen Summary Bryan Chapter 3: Methodology Introduction Research Methodology Research Design Population and Sample Selection Instrumentation (quantitative) or Sources of Data ( qualitative ) Validity Reliability Data Collection Procedure Data Analysis Procedures Ethical Consideration Summary

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