Respond to the below 3 posts with a reference each-about 4 lines each Post 1-Maria Post 1 According to Shelly and Miller (2006), sometimes spiritual care means simply being present, praying, sharing f

Respond to the below 3 posts with a reference each-about 4 lines each

Post 1-Maria

Post 1

According to Shelly and Miller (2006), sometimes spiritual care means simply being present, praying, sharing from Scripture, offering a word of witness and encouragement or participating in a healing service. At other times it may include arranging referrals, planning creative strategies for follow-up care in the home or helping a person become connected to a Christian community (Shelly & Miller, 2006). Christian spiritual care means facilitating a person’s relationship with God through Jesus Christ (Shelly & Miller, 2006).

The text goes on to say that Christian spiritual care is done through putting people in tough with God through compassion, active listening, and Bible reading (Shelly & Miller, 2006). Spiritual care should be a priority for all our patients; they require care for their entire being, not just their physical body.

I would have to say that my definition of spiritual care closely corresponds to that of the textbook readings for this week. In my eyes, spiritual care means caring for the whole patient, mind, body, and spirit; praying with them, providing them clergy when necessary, and encouraging normal religious practices. Being hospitalized and having medical problems can put a strain on a patient’s spiritual relationship with God and their church community. They often feel abandoned and that they no longer have a purpose in God’s eyes. We as nurses need to be sure to respect a patient’s religion and encourage their practice as they normally would at home.

Post 2 Takia

Re: Topic 5 DQ 1

What is your definition of spiritual care? How does it differ or accord with the description given in the topic readings? Explain.

My definition of spiritual care is that we must not only care for the patient physical needs we must connect with their inner beliefs. It has also been proven that people whose spiritual need have been met usually cope with their illness better and have great health outcomes. Most patients and their families “do not anticipate in-depth, specialized spiritual care from their nurses, but they do have a strong expectation for some basic spiritual care connections including interventions such as active and empathic listening, pro actively communicating, and expressing compassion” (Hughes et al., 2017, p. 8).

My definition of spiritual care is in accord with the topic This understanding also guides how important decisions are made. With the context that human beings are inherently spiritual beings, then they have a need for spiritual care in whatever stage of life.

Post 3 Rashmi

3 posts

Re: Topic 5 DQ 1

Nurses work across the holistic domain and spiritual care is a critical aspect of care and care giving. Evidence shows that patients consider nurses as a good source of spiritual information and are able to fulfil patients’ spiritual needs (Ramezani, Ahmadi & Kazanjian, 2014). Spiritual care according to my understanding is a care that is provided not only to alleviate physical suffering but also to create an environment where patients can freely express their own spiritual anguishes like fear, hope, loneliness, sorrows and discomfort. spiritual care is the use of art and intuition in nursing believed that providing spiritual care indicates the true humanity and complete professional commitment of a nurse (Ramezani, et al 2014).

According the topic reading provided for this textbook spiritual care can be provided through the understanding and providing intervention to relieve spiritual distress. Through the proper assessment of the spiritual need the foundation of outlining the plan of action for spiritual care can be determined. I also concur with the description of spiritual care for the weeks topic as assessment is a valuable tool for us nurses to determine the best method to meet the spiritual care for the patient. Human beings are inherently spiritual beings, quality spiritual care is an important part of treating the patient holistically, attending to the body, mind and spirit (Evans, 2020)

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