Requirements for Production Management1.Differentiate operation management and production management

Requirements for Production Management1.Differentiate operation management and production management.2.Explain the relevance of production management3.Explain process flow analysis and process flow chart.4.Describe the total quality management philosophy and identify its major characteristics. Describe the four dimensions of quality. Which do you think is the most important? Why?5.Describe the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and Sox Sigma Quality.Requirements for Business Research 2.1.Enumerate and explain the different types of research design.2.Discuss at least two major types of research instruments.3.Enumerate at least three statistical tools and its uses.4, Define test of reliability/REQUIREMENTS FOR .MICROECONOMICS1.1 Compare and contrast demand and supply; change in demand vs change in quantity demanded; change in supply vs change in quantity supplied1.2 Explain market equilibrium,1.3 Discuss the following:a. Utilityindifference curvebudget lined .isocost curvee.isoquant curvef. law of diminishing marginal returng. variable costsh. fixed costsi. profitj different types of marketBusiness Research.Discuss and explain the following :1.Research2. Types of research3.Basic requirements in research4,Components of thesis writingManagerial Economics Discuss the scope of managerial economicsWhat are the role of managerial economics in the firm?Explain the different types of market structuresDiscuss the following:-forecastingNet Present ValueBreak even Analysis

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