Readiness and Stakeholder Analysis

Readiness and
Stakeholder Analysis

Part 1: 
Based on your problem and plan identified in Week One, complete the readiness
rubrics for the leader (yourself), the participants, and the
organization.  You may complete the participant and organizational rubrics
yourself (based on your perceptions) or work with colleagues in your
organization to complete them.  For each rubric, report the sub-scores for
experience, skills, doing what it takes, values, and the overall readiness
score.  Report these scores in a narrative description. Discuss the high
and low readiness areas of each.  Discuss potential strategies you might
use based on the strengths and needs of each (the leader, the participants, and
the organization).  This section of the paper should be about two pages.

Part 2:  Based on your proposed problem from Week One, create a chart
similar to the one below to identify at least five stakeholders involved in or
impacted by the change and determine the following:

  1. Potential gains
  2. Possible losses 
  3. Identify if they are a supporter or opponent of the
  4. Discuss strategies for engaging the stakeholder in the
    change in a positive way 
  5. Any other considerations for the stakeholder group

This section of your paper
should be one- to two- pages.

Your completed paper should be three- to four- pages and should use APA format
for the paper and for all citations and references.  Include an
introduction and conclusion paragraph.  Use at least two sources beyond
the textbook.




Supporter or Opponent?

Strategy to engage this
stakeholder in the change

Other considerations

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used
to evaluate your assignment.

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