Question 11. The main point of disengagement theory is that:Answerseniors want to be independent lik

Question 11. The main point of disengagement theory is that:Answerseniors want to be independent like everyone else.society remains orderly by disengaging aging people from positions of responsibility.seniors do not require as much care as most people think they do.seniors want to remain active.Question 21. Poverty rates among African American and Hispanic elders in the United States are:Answerabout the same as among elderly, non-Hispanic whites.two to three times higher than among elderly, non-Hispanic whites.ten times higher than among elderly, non-Hispanic whites.lower than among elderly, non-Hispanic whites.Question 31. Which country has the most permissive law involving physician-assisted suicide in the world?Answerthe United Statesthe NetherlandsRussiaJapanQuestion 41. Most caregiving to older people in the United States is provided by:Answerthe staff at nursing staff.women, typically daughters and wives.senior friends and neighbors.Question 51. Which of the following statements about the living arrangements of the elderly in the United States is correct?AnswerMost men live with spouses; women are about equally likely to live with a spouse or to live alone.Most men live in nursing homes or other assisted-living facilities; most women live alone.Most women live in nursing homes or other assisted-living facilities; most men live alone.Most men and women live in nursing homes or other assisted-living facilities.Question 61. In general, seniors with higher incomes:Answerhave more health problems than people with lower incomes.assess their health in better terms than people with lower incomes.have the same level of health as people with lower incomes.die earlier due to high consumption of rich foods.Question 71. The concept “old-age dependency ratio” refers to:Answerthe ratio of children to elderly people.the ratio of elderly women to elderly men.the ratio of working-age adults to non-working elderly people.the ratio of people over age sixty-five to those under forty.Question 81. The poverty rate among people over the age of sixty-five is:Answerabove the national average.the same as the national average.below the national average.almost zero, since people receive Social Security.Question 91. Activity theory draws on:Answerthe social-conflict approach.the structural-functional approach.the symbolic-interaction approach.the sociobiology approach.Question 101. Since 1960, the poverty rate among the U.S. elderly:Answerhas dropped sharply.has fluctuated up and down.has remained stable.has gone up.Question 111. Which category of the U.S. population is showing the greatest labor-force increase in terms of percentage?Answerwhite menHispanic womenwhite womenAfrican American womenQuestion 121. The postindustrial economy is defined by:Answerthe spread of factories.mass production of goods and services.manufacturing of raw materials.service work and computer technology.Question 131. Which of the following concepts refers to a political and economic system that combines a mostly market-based economy with extensive social welfare programs?Answercapitalismsocialismwelfare capitalismcommunismQuestion 141. The concept “primary labor market” refers to:Answerjobs that provide extensive benefits to typically taken by that require no particular training or that offer little pay and low security.Question 151. The concept “oligopoly” refers to:Answerany corporation with more than $1 billion in sales.the largest company in a particular field.domination of a market by a few producers.a large company operating in all three economic sectors.Question 161. Which of the following statements about the Information Revolution is NOT correct?AnswerThere was a shift from making tangible products to generating ideas.There was a shift from mechanical skills to literacy skills.There was a shift from farming to turning raw materials into products.There was a shift from working in factories to working almost anywhere.Question 17In the United States about what share of the population aged sixteen and older is in the paid labor force?one-fifthone-thirdtwo-thirdsnine-tenthsQuestion 181. Which social institution is widely considered to have the greatest effect on society as a whole?Answerthe familythe economythe political systemreligionQuestion 191. Which of the following countries best exemplifies a system of state capitalism?Answerthe United StatesGreat BritainAustraliaJapanQuestion 201. Read the four descriptions below. Which of them DOES NOT apply to a profession?Answerhaving theoretical knowledge of a fieldworking for a large, well-established companyhaving authority over clientsprofessing a community, rather than an individual, orientation

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