PSU Healthcare Human Resources Healthcare Human Resource Management Case Study


Sampson, C. J., & Fried, B. J. (Eds.). (2021). Human resources in healthcare: Managing for success (5th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press. 

Latham, G. (2018). Becoming the evidence based manager: Making the Science of Management Work For You. Nicholas Brealey Pub.

Chapter 8 in Sampson and Fried (Retention)

Chapter 16 in Sampson and Fried (Burnout, Well-Being and Workplace Vitality)

Chapter 5 in Latham (Engage Your Employees)

Chapter 8 in Latham (Instill Resilience in the Face of Setbacks)

After reading the chapters in the Sampson and Fried textbook as well as the information in the Latham book, answer the following questions in your post.

1. Discuss the circumstances that make employee retention challenging for organizations within healthcare.

2. What are some of the problems with existing retention approaches commonly used in healthcare? What additional strategies, practices and programs should healthcare organizations invest in to solve the healthcare worker shortage and turnover problem?

3. What are the direct and indirect costs associated with turnover for healthcare organizations?

Read Case #2 at the end of chapter 9 in the Sampson and Fried textbook. In your assignment, answer the following questions:

1. Assume that the performance review is still a few days away. How should Kristen prepare for this meeting? How should she prepare to maximize the effectiveness of the review?

2. What could Kristen have done to prevent the current situation with Leslie?

3. If you were Kristen, how would you give feedback to Leslie? Outline an agenda for the performance review and discuss how you will approach each agenda topic.

4. What reaction do you anticipate Leslie will have to Kristen’s concerns about her performance and how shod Kristen respond to that reaction? Every story has multiple sides and this scenario is no exception. Kristen’s perception of Leslie’s performance may only represent a portion of a bigger story. How might Leslie talk about this situation when confronted by Kristen?

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