PowerPoint Immunizations


Investigate one specific health behavior that will be chosen from the list below. 

1) to describe behavioral and non-behavioral variables contributing to morbidity and mortality; 

2) discuss methods that have used a health behavior theory or model to change a health behavior. 

The presentation should contain at least one of the following: graph; chart; graphic; photo; brief content


define the health behavior explain the public      health significance of the health behavior (e.g., prevalence,      population, morbidity, mortality)

identify at least one behavioral variable (e.g.,      risk factor) contributing to morbidity and/or mortality associated with      the health behavior

identify at least one non-behavioral variable      (e.g., health consequence) contributing to morbidity and/or mortality      associated with the health behavior

describe at least one intervention that used a      health behavior theory or model and was effective in modifying the health      behavior

Presentation Topics Based on Health Behaviors Identified in Healthy People 2030



Substance Abuse

Family Planning

Tobacco Use

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