PORTFOLIO_1: Annotated Bibliographies for Assessment 3 – Report (10 marks) Task: Assessment 3…

PORTFOLIO_1: Annotated Bibliographies for Assessment 3 – Report (10 marks)
Assessment 3 (COIT20249 Report) requires students to use at least 10 recent references. At least 6 of these must be academic references which are peer reviewed and/or textbooks. See Assessment 3 specifications for further details.
Use the ARE and Triple R framework you learnt in Weeks 2 and 3 to research and select 5 Academic references you would use for your Assessment 3 (Report) – do not use the references you used for PA 3 in Week 6. All references must be from the last 5 years (dated 2012 onwards) and must be selected using the Triple R framework.
In Week 3, you learnt about Annotated Bibliographies. Using those skills, provide an annotation for each of the 5 references. See pp. 132 – 134 in your Textbook and refer to Week 3 materials on Annotated Bibliographies. Each reference must be formatted in APA style – see week 5 materials and CQU APA Referencing guidelines.
To achieve full marks, the submission must be:
• Focused on the correct task; selected 5 Academic References relevant to the Report topic, using the Triple R framework.
• Note that the rest of the annotation may not be graded if any of the references are:
o older than 5 years (before 2012 – see report requirements),
o not academic or
o do not relate to the report topic.
• The references must not include those provided for PA 3 (0 marks for those references if used).
• Grammatically correct annotation, and easy to read and understand,
• Well-structured annotation in a single paragraph for each reference,
• Each reference correctly formatted in APA style (does not include the references given for PA3); and
• Within the recommended length for each reference and submitted as an MS-Word file.
Marking criteria for each reference:
• Correctly formatted academic reference in APA style (0.4 marks),
• Summary of reference, in 1 or 2 sentences (0.4 marks)
• Evaluation author credentials/summary of key themes, in 1 or 2 sentences (0.4 marks)
• Explanation of how research was conducted, in 1 or 2 sentences (0.4 marks)
• Evaluation of the reference (using Triple R framework), in 1 or 2 sentences (0.4 marks).
• Each reference should have a separate annotation; see example layout below. This should NOT be written in first person perspective. See example in the PPT on Annotated Bibliographies from Week 3.
• Each annotation should be approximately 150 – 200 words but comply with the requirements for the number of sentences.
Reference 1: (insert the reference, formatted in APA style)
Annotation written as a single paragraph – see requirements and marking criteria above.
Add the remaining references and annotations in the same format as for Reference 1.

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