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My Time Period: Slavery and Civil War

Secondary Resources


Burns, K. (2017, February 22). Ken Burns: The Civil War. (1990) Retrieved from

This is a docuseries available on Netflix. It shows stories of Civil War Battles, famous generals, and the President Abraham Lincoln. It tells the story through old letters and diaries soldiers and family members wrote during the war.

Capek, M. (2017). Civil War Causes. Retrieved February 14, 2019, from

The Author of this book is a retired History teacher. He utilized other stories and facts from the Civil war that he had learned and gathered to write his on book discussing the causes of the civil war. The book offers detailed paintings and pictures of different events such as battles, people, homes, and communities during that time period. The book discusses the feelings of those fighting in the war, the slaves, towns people, etc. It mentions how many were happy that the war had begun because they believed in what they were fighting for.

The book offers a timeline and informational facts regarding the Civil war and the role of African Americans during the war. The book also entails stories African Americans not only as slaves who became free but also fought in the war to free the others. It discusses runaways and contraband as well as the roles of the abolitionists and emancipation.

Linde, B. M. (2018). African Americans in Political Office: From Civil War to the White House.

This book by Author Barbara M. Linde and is a review and study of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of African Americans during the civil war into the White House of today. With people like Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, to Barack Obama paving the way for racial justice and equality. This books purpose is to give the reader a deeper understanding and education on the history of slaves, black culture, and influential African Americans. The book demonstrates that through each moment in history through the time periods of our yesteryears the fight to have the right to happiness and the American Dream.

Norton, M. B., Sheriff, C., & Blight, D. W. (2015). A People and a nation: A history of the

United States (10th ed.). Boston: Wadsworth.

Our textbook offers chapters dedicated to the pre-Civil war era, accounts during the Civil war, and post-Civil War era. The textbook also discusses the life of a slave, run-away slaves and the underground railroad, the search for freedom and the right to happiness and the American Dream

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