PHC 4109 FIU Celiac Disease Discussion

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Do some research on Celiac Disease and read this storyLinks to an external site. that covers the gluten-free trend in the United States. Do you think a majority of the general public actually knows what gluten is? (The Jimmy Kimmel video linked in the NPR story is a funny satire on gluten knowledge.) Do you think this is a “fad”? Do you think it is doing more harm than good? Please comment on your findings and post any other sources you use. Here is an interesting NPR articleLinks to an external site.  about the potential for unknown exposures to gluten in “gluten-free” identified foods.

Possible sources:
MedLine Plus: Celiac DiseaseLinks to an external site.

NIH: What is Celiac DiseaseLinks to an external site.
Links to an external site.

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