PCN-529 Week 6 Assignment Disorder Case Studies 2



Max Points: 80


Part 1: Case Studies

Identify the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria that you notice in the case studies below and explain how the client meets the criteria. Include the diagnosis that these symptoms are related to. Your response to each case study should be 50 to 75 words.

Allyson      is a 25-year-old who works from home. She is happy with her work-at-home      job, because she prefers not to be around people. She is afraid she will      say or do something that is embarrassing. She has seen a therapist who      referred her to a psychiatrist who prescribed antianxiety medication. More      recently, she has been taking more than prescribed and continues to      increase the dose a little each week because she finds that she does not      feel as good with less. Karen      is a 35-year-old wife and mother whose husband has become concerned about      her drinking. He has noticed that she always appears to have a drink in      hand, and when he asks her about it, she says that it is ginger ale or a      coke; however, he believes she is mixing vodka with those drinks. Just      recently, she had a DWI, and he confronted her about her drinking, after      which she promised that she would stop. However, when she did stop, he      noticed that she was constantly worrying, restless, and irritable. Mary      is a 25-year-old single woman who currently is in a doctoral program. Mary      has developed an extreme fear of germs and she is afraid of getting sick.      Mary washes her hands 10-20 times per day. There are times when she is      late for an appointment due to her needing to ensure that her hands are      clean. She cleans her house constantly and often does not have time to      complete her studies as a result. She experiences a great deal of anxiety      when she is in situations where she is not able to control the      environment. Some of her family and friends have commented on her behavior,      which she admits to being a bit excessive, but she also states how easy it      is to get sick and how many germs are out there. 

Part 2: Treatment Scenarios

Provide a 50- to 75-word response to each of the following scenarios:

Imagine that you are working with a client who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Select an anxiety disorder from the DSM-5 and discuss the approach you would you use for treating this client.

Imagine that you are working with a client who has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. What approach would you use for treating this client? 

How will you determine if a client is suffering from an anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder, rather than a substance-induced disorder?

Include at least two scholarly references in your assignment.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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