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In this assessment, you will identify appropriate data collection tools as well as collect and evaluate the data. Since collection and evaluation of actual data is not always possible within the constraints of this course, you may need to make assumptions about the expected data to ensure that you can finish all phases of the final OIP, which is due next week. You will also describe how the results have enhanced, supported, or changed your problem statement, flowchart, measurement strategy, and anticipated recommendations. Include these items in your response: – A list of potential data collection tools and techniques. – Your selected data collection tool and why it is best suited. Provide your instructor with a prototype of the tool proposed. – A realistic sample of your collection tool included as an attachment. – A description of your data collection process. This is also applicable if you are just doing a simulated data collection. – A description of how the results have enhanced, supported, or changed the following: – The problem statement. – The flowchart. – The measurement strategy.

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