Paper— 21 rd October 2013 (midday). Assignment Details The report should be between 4000- 5000words. 1 answer below »

Paper— 21rd October 2013 (midday).

Assignment Details

The report should be between 4000- 5000words in length and demonstrate depth and breadth of reading. All reports will be submitted to Turnitin via WebCT.

Use 1.5 spacing witha 12 point Times New Roman font. You should consult appropriate references from the library and other suitable sources. Citation of sources is mandatory and must be in the Harvard style. Given that this will be a current issues paper, references should be notolder than 5 years.

Your report must include:


e Page

Includes the title of the paper, student names and student IDs.

Executive Summary This is an overview of the report which identifies the purpose of the report, directs the reader to key points or issues presented in the report, and summarises conclusions. (Maximum length is 1 page).

Table of Contents Headings used should assist the reader to find information in the report.


A statement of the purpose for the report and a brief description of its structure. (Some discussion of the context and reason for the report is often included aswell).


Present different strategy issues encountered of the enterprise products using research articles and industry examples that demonstrate innovative approaches. Make sure your discussion matches the stated purpose of the report.Discuss and support any conclusions that can be reached using the evidence provided by the research articles used in your report.


A summary of the points you have made in the body of the report. The conclusion should not introduce any ‘new’ material that was not discussed in the body of the report.


Includes a list of sources used in the text. They should be listed alphabetically by (first) author’s family name.

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