Organizational Development and Leadership in Healthcare: Challenges, Obstacles, and Opportunities for Improvement


This assignment supports the following objective:

Apply systems thinking to case study scenarios.

Research case studies that focus on leadership strategy, systems thinking, or improvement opportunities in healthcare. Select one case study to analyze for this assignment. You are encouraged to choose a case study that relates to your specialty area or discipline of healthcare. 

  • Resources 

Peterson, E.A., Dwyer, J., Howze-Shiplett, M., Davsion, C.Y., Wilson, K., and Noykhovich, E. (2011) Presence of Leadership and Management in Global Health Programs: Compendium of Case Studies. The Center for Global Health, The George Washington University: Washington DC. to an external site.

Chelagat, T. (2020). A Qualitative and quantitative assessment of a leadership training programme’s impact on health system performance in 19 counties in Kenya [Thesis, Strathmore University]. Full text link:… 

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