Order 1051672: resilience

  Type of paper Essay (Any Type)
  Subject Psychology
  Number of pages 3
  Format of citation APA
  Number of cited resources  4
  Type of service  Writing

This is a  short essay where you need 4 paragraphs and you present a convincing  argument     Paragraph 1 is your opening.  You present the basic question (DO NOT  QUOTE THE QUESTION WE GIVE YOU) and inform the reader what your position  will be and how you will construct your argument (with evidence of  course) to convince the reader your position is right.  It should be  about 100 words     The BODY  Paragraph 2 is where you present your 1st type of evidence. Ideally you  present the same KIND of evidence from a couple of different  studies/sources that help you make your case. It should be about 300  words     Paragraph 3 is where you present a 2nd type of evidence. Ideally you  present the same KIND of evidence from a couple of different studies  that help you make your case and add to what you presented in the  previous paragraph by coming at it from a bit of a different direction.  So the supporting evidence here should be distinctly different from your  previous evidence paragraph. It should be about 300 words     Paragraph 4 is your Conclusion.  This is where you outline what your  position was, how you presented convincing evidence and this leads you  to make a strong conclusion about the topic.  It should be about 100  words  References: you MUST use APA format which means proper in text citations  and a section at the end of the paper called References where you  provide the full details of the cited sources in APA format. Your Burton  writing guide in very valuable for this as a guide to referencing in  APA but the web has many good sources on it. Your References section is  NOT included in the word count. but everything above it IS included  (including in text citations, the title, etc.)     YOUR TASK:  There are lots of different types of essay. In Psyc 1010 we ask students  to write an “Argument” essay where you must try to disprove some  statement or position. We do this because in SCIENCE we always try to  disprove a theory which is much easier than trying to PROVE a theory  (which usually takes hundreds of years).  To DISPROVE a theory, all you  have to do is find evidence against it. It helps if you find more than a  single bit of evidence though.     So what do you have to disprove?     Disprove this statement  “Human Resilience is mostly determined by NATURE. That is, it is based  on Genetic factors such as intelligence and personality (temperament).   So people cannot LEARN to be resilient”     This essay topic relates to almost all areas of Psyc 1010 but  specifically to the developmental and individual differences parts and  of course we had a lab on resilience.  To answer the question you need  to disprove the statement using good academic research sources.  You can  disprove the statement by either disproving the 1st part of the  statement (Resilience is determined by Nature (ie genetics)) OR you can  disprove the 2nd part (Resilience can’t be learned).

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