NSU Mod 5 Comprehensive Health Planning Virtual Health System Abstract


The NSAH Board of Directors invited you to provide a student presentation on the following topic: How the allied health professions are relevant, responsive, and committed to the promotion of health and wellness in underserved and disadvantaged communities. 

The focus of your paper will be Comprehensive Health Planning.

Create an Abstract with no more than 250 words; refer to the APA (2020) Manual for the correct format for writing an Abstract.

Utilize Chapters 12 and 13 in the textbook as a resource for your thesis statement and provide five peer-reviewed journal articles to support your presentation (You should have six references).

Include a cover page and a Reference Page. It will be imperative that your Abstract and References are in the correct APA (2020) Manual format.

  • In your initial post, use critical thinking skills, metacognition, and Metacomprehension.

Use the Safe Assign score of 25% or lower.  

Pay attention to details, and good luck with your Abstract.  

The Joint Commission provides information on DASH (Data Analytics for Safe Healthcare at https://www.jointcommission.org/performance-improvement/joint-commission/dash/]

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