NSG 680 NU HCA in Low Income Populations in San Diego County Paper


  • Select a significant health topic that has potential impact for your practice as a APN, and relates to Healthy People 2020’s determinants of health.  
    • I chose “Health Care Access in low-income populations in San Diego County” 
  • Population should be focused – for example, seniors with diabetics in Nye County.
  • Note that a significant health topic should address:
    • How many people are affected
    • Quality of life issues
    • Complications: short & long term
    • Cost of services
    • Burden to society (lost income, disability, malpractice, insurance costs).
  • Review the literature for health promotion programs that have been utilized to address this health issue.
  • Describe and critique available research/study on the selected health promotion programs.
  • Analyze a Conceptual framework or theory applicable to the selected health promotion programs. Be specific.

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