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Belinda, Thanks for your submission! Identification of Main Issues, Problems, and Concepts 4.9/5 -Which type of “medicinal iron” would you recommend to this patient? When treatment for a specific condition is asked, please don’t be afraid to treat. Review treatment in your textbook or academic resources and give us your plan of treatment following current guidelines. You are  
becoming an NP. Start treating your patients with actual medications (if applicable). Use of Citations, Writing Mechanics, and APA Formatting Guidelines 1.5/3 -Cite your work within the text for both discussions and responses to peers. When you provide arguments based on scientific information, you need to cite in-text where you are obtaining the information from. This is scholarly required in all instances. For example: “Hb 10.2 g/dL; Hct 30.8%; Ferritin 9 ng/dL are the lab tests that confirm the patient is suffering from anemia. Anemia conditions are established when the hemoglobin test is below average. The standard hemoglobin test is usually 13.5 grams per deciliter.” Who said this? Where did you obtain this scientific information from? You need to cite your sources in all instances. -Review APA for your book references (Peate, 2021) -Review APA for some of your journal sources (Koury & Pounka, 2004). (Dandeniya et al., 2020) -Use references from less than 5 years old to obtain the most updated scientific information. -Enter the doi for your journal’s references. Most of them have one. That is part of the APA format. -Use this very helpful link to access Purdue University OWL. It is one of the best resources to check if your references and citations are correct and follow APA format.… Response to Peers 2/2 Total 8.4 Dr. Quintana

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