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First of all you can read it, and you can do my part. My part it’s read circe.

You can write short answer

? We write creative briefs to provide strategic and creative direction for our internal departments, our external clients and our art direction, graphic design and copy teams. It is the beginning of the process, meant to initiate the dialogue that is an ongoing part of the development of the marketing and advertising materials we are creating and presenting to our clients.

Brand/Company/Small Business Name: Pastiche

Background basically answers the question: Why are we communicating at all?


1.When we search Rhode Island sweets on google, Pastiche didn’t come out in first 3 list. So these 3 sweets shop can be treated as our competitors.

2.First three sweets shops upgrade their facebooks frequently.


1. First three sweets shops are not in downtown Providence. And Pastiche is literally located on Federal hill. It’s a perfect place to market food.

2. Sweets from Pastiche had already built reputation among downtown universities students.


1. A little bit expensive.

2. Less communication with customers.

3. No advertisements.

4. No engagements with customers.


1. Nothing before can be said nothing is wrong in some ways. So we can start over.

2. Good location provide the biggest competitive power for Pastiche.

3. Social/ digital/mobile/video media can be set up easily and quickly.

4.Pastiche can be elegant, delicate,hand-made

Objective: What’s this S/D/M/V Plan trying to do?

What can we realistically hope to accomplish with this piece?

Be clear, be realistic and focus on a single goal.

This is where we state our objectives for this plan. What are we really trying to accomplish with our social/digital/mobile/video communications? The objectives (which you have already worked on) can be further refined at this point. As before, you are focused on four main types of objectives:

  • Business Objectives – Make more profit.
  • Marketing Objective – Broad Pastiche reputation to larger public.
  • Communication Objective – Knowing more feedbacks from customers.
  • Engagement Objective – Engage deeper with customers, showing Pastiche care for customers.

Who are we talking to?

What are the demographics of our target audience?

What do we know about our audience that would be helpful for the creative team?

What are their current attitudes and beliefs that we are trying to influence?

The demographics of our target audience vary from teenagers to seniors, but mostly concentrate on people who are 35+ years old, due to that Pastiche is such a elegant and somehow luxury cafe. However, the dine-in are mostly seniors, especially those who are retired.

  • Primary Audience: People aged 35+
  • Secondary Audience: Seniors, family crew

According to our communication objective, we can add a customer program about obtaining customers’ opinions, and our audience are mostly highly cooperated by giving us feedback in a certain time frame. In this way, we can not only take a look at our menus and get improved but also work on our store environment construction and make it more elegant.

When it comes to their current attitudes and beliefs, we are trying to influence them by letting them feel like they are in an elegant, delicate and special handmade environment.

What’s the main thought we need to communicate with original new creative campaign across social/digital/mobile/video marketing?

The unique selling proposition

The one thing we want them to take away. Remember, the creative team will develop copy/art based on this main thought or core message so it needs to a singularly focused thought to inspire the team.

Come to Pastiche fine desserts cafe, the best place where comes with elegant and delicate atmosphere to hang out with your friends and family to taste the best special handmade in Rhode Island.

Why should the target audience believe this?Include brief bullet support points (no more than three-five) that provide the proof points for the main thought. Start with the emotional and move to the rational.

  • all ages love it
  • it’s the best sweets
  • best customer service
  • best VIP system
  • a way to relax
  • place to social, business
  • easy to bring
  • no big smell

Tone & Manner

We usually include this for the writer and designer so they understand how to best convey the message for the target audience and based on insights from your target persona development

When we communicate to all group of people, the tone should be upbeat, positive, energetic, passionate, convinced. For children, we need to add a soft tone.

? Call to Action-for social/digital/mobile/video advertising mediums

? This is important to clarify if we are giving our audience another way to find out more information about the beer pub, through social/digital/mobile or video platforms, or a direct-response offer, as you viewed in the Facebook tutorial on

Branding Guidelines/Issues

Branding guidelines, call to action, logo usage, color palette.

First of all, it will be better to keep pastel blue for the main color since pastiche has been used this color for such a long time and this will help it’s returning customers to feel familiar with new branding.

Secondly, it is practically hard for small businesses like them to hire professional photographers all the time for the social networking services. However, using camera apps such as ProCamera and PicsArt with lots of nice filters which can help them to take a better photos with no additional cost.

Lastly, since it’s one of the most pricy dessert in the town, it’s important to make acceptable reasons to help customer to accept the high price. Therefore, we suggest them to choose “Healthy and Honest” as a new slogan and make disclaimer such as ‘organic ingredients only’, ‘no artificial colors and preservatives’, and ‘Same day baked’ to make customer easier to agree with the price.

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