Mapping The Health Belief Model Question


Mapping the Health Belief Model

Intrapersonal theories pertain to promoting a health behavior change within a single person. The constructs of the Health Belief Model include perceived susceptibility, severity, benefits, and barriers; cue to action, and self-efficacy.

Mapping out the Health Belief Model allows the health educator to understand the individual’s perceptions (perceived susceptibility and perceived severity), the modifying factors (demographics, psychological variables, knowledge of the disease, and prior contact of the disease), and the likelihood of action (reminders or advice from others). In this assignment, you will map out a scenario using the Health Belief Model.

View/Download the Template Tables Download Template Tables(DOC) for use in this assignment.

Create a 4-page paper (not including the title and references pages) in a Word document for your response

Use APA format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations for your paper.

Compose an introduction and conclusion for your paper.

  • Follow the steps to complete the assignment.

Step 1. Review the Health Belief Model Mapping Example from the Module 2 presentation on the Template Tables document (linked above).

Step 2. To create your map, access the Health Belief Model Mapping Template from the Template Tables document (linked above). As long as you maintain the categories, you may choose the graphics design for your template, including fonts, colors, etc.

Step 3. Select an existing scenario from the library database or the Internet, or create a scenario demonstrating intrapersonal health behavior.

Step 4. Relate the scenario in paragraph format as the introduction to your paper.

Step 5. Using the scenario and the example, map out the constructs of the Health Belief Model.

How do the constructs of the theory apply to the health behavior?

In the conclusion of the paper, devise a plan of how you would address the existing health behavior to help the individual in the scenario make a behavioral change. 

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