For this assignment, you will interview your caregiver to inquire about your lifespan journey utilizing cognitive development theory either from Piaget, Freud, and Erickson. You will discuss achieving the normative developmental milestones, was your parents ‘ pregnancy full-term, was there any complications, etc through your late childhood. You will determine the questions you will ask your caregiver however; you need to make certain that  the questions are all encompassing because you will be writing a five (5) double-spaced paper based on the information that you gathered from your caregiver and from yourself.

Once you have completed the interview of your caregiver through your late childhood developmental experience, you become the reporter of your journey from early adolescence until your lifespan stage presently. Additionally, students are required to include a minimum of three peer reviewed academic sources within the paper including the appropriate citations and sourcing.

The paper must be in APA format and you are required to have a work cited or bibliography page at the conclusion of the paper. If the student fails to include proper citations within the paper and the work cited page, it will be considerd plagiarism and a failing grade will be submitted.

Please understand: this is not a paper to nearly illustrate your life span journey you must include cognitive theory and research to substantiate this paper and the assignment. If a student makes this a story narrative, he or she will not receive full credit for failing to adhere to the rubrics of the assignment. This assignment is worth 100 points.

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