Leadership for Information Management Strategic Planning of system benefit analysis of implementing an EHR system.


This research paper is to be about a case study in the Case Studies in HIM, 4th edition book: Case 6-38 entitled Committee to Perform System Benefits Analysis. It is a project management study where you are an RHIT and holds a leadership position.  The purpose of the committee is to perform a systems benefit analysis of implementing an EHR system.

Read case study 6-38 and answer the questions in addition incorporate the following in the paper:

1. Who is needed on the committee?  What are their roles and what function do they carry out and why?

2. What is the project timeline, and when and how will the committee meet?

3. How is follow-up for deadlines and quality of work monitored?

4. What is an RFP?

5. What are the EHR needs of the hospital?

5. Research “EHR systems benefit analysis” and provide 2 vendors that would fit the needs of your hospital.


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