Part 1 Board Governance: Invitation to a Local Board You are invited to join the Board of a nonprofit organization. Flattered, your first inclination is to say yes . But, being a prudent prospective board member, you seek to learn certain things about the organization and its board before saying yes ….or& no . Your assignment is to determine what you would need to know — and whom you would like to talk to, and what documents you would like to see, before responding to your invitation. Having done so, you are to research a local nonprofit organization, secure whatever information you can, and then prepare a statement to send to the organization leadership on why you would or would not join the organization s board.  You are able to select the local nonprofit organization you would like to address in this letter.  Please review the guidelines for sending a professional letter.   This should be in the format of a professional letter addressed to the executive leadership and/or board of your selected organization. You do not need to include citations and should be completed as if you were communicating with the organization.  You will submit that letter to me Part 2 Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice By Worth, Michael J. Edition : 6TH 21 Publisher : SAGE ISBN 13 : 9781544379982 Please respond to the following questions: 1. Discuss the drivers of collaborations. In what cases might collaborations be used. Provide examples of collaborations. 2. Identify and discuss obstacles of collaborations and mergers. 3. Discuss in detail the importance of a SWOT analysis and how is plays into the strategic planning process. 4. Identify and explain the most common risks that NPO s face 5. Identify and explain the basic steps for strategic planning 6. Discuss the idea of capacity building. Identify and explain the different types of capacity

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