IHI Triple Aim Modules


IHI Open School Online Courses ( points): Create an account (free; all the modules you are asked to complete for the course are free you just have to figure out how to navigate the site to register for the classes but these are FREE AND AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!!!!!

The IHI Assignment is worth a total of 10% of your overall course grade. 


You are expected to complete the following three Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Online Courses. 

Students will be complete the following three IHI Open School Online Courses: Certificates of completion for each of these courses need to be uploaded to Blackboard along with the written portion of the assignment. 

TA 101: Introduction to the Triple Aim for Populations (certificate due to BB by Sunday, 1/15/23 11:59 EST

TA102: Improving Health Equity (certificate due to BB by Sunday, 1/22/23 by 11:59 EST) 

TA 103: Increasing Value and Reducing Waste at the Point of Care (certificate & paper assignment due to BB by Sunday, 2/5/23 by 11:59 EST)

Following completions of theses modules, students will be expected to write a 2-3 page paper (APA 7th ed) summarizing how what was learned by viewing these IHI courses can be applied to policies that impact their current practice environment. Students must support statements with supporting evidence. 

Remember that evidence of completion of each of the modules must be uploaded into BB. 

These modules can be accessed for free at the following website: https://education.ihi.org/topclass/topclass.do?obj…

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